Kananelo Mohorosi

Fezile Dabi Learner Sets His Eyes on Being A Doctor

Anxiety and excitement overcame most matriculants as they anticipated their final results. The Free State Class of 2018 achieved an 87.5% pass rate and Kananelo Mohorosi, a learner from one of the schools that benefit from the KST partnership with the Free State Department of Education (FSDoE), was one of the top achievers in the Fezile Dabi district. The district attained a 92.3% pass rate, qualifying it as the best performing and leading district in the country, for the second consecutive year.

A bright future lies ahead for Mohorosi who aspires to be a Medical Doctor, with his second choice being a Mining Engineer, “I chose medicine as my first choice because I realised that our country has a shortage of Doctors as the good ones tend to leave to work overseas. I also realised that I am capable of getting really good marks in my school subjects – that was when I ended up falling in love with the health sciences because it is going to allow me to do what I know and love. It will also allow me to fulfil my top passion of practicing Ubuntu and giving back to my community and giving our people good quality of life through good health”. Coming from a family that cannot fund higher education studies, Mohorosi has applied for National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Mohorosi says “the reality is that not every young person can afford to advance themselves academically because universities and funding are inaccessible to some.

Learners in rural schools, particularly those in quintiles 1 – 3 often face different challenges compared to urban schools that fall within quintile 4-5. These challenges range from lack of infrastructure to shortage of educators at times. However, Mohorosi and his peers defied the odds and grabbed all opportunities presented by KST and the FSDoE with both hands.

He was a beneficiary of a range of school camps whose purpose was to revise previous exam papers and address challenging topics in certain subjects under the supervision of educators. This intervention was supplementary to KST’s educator development programme which runs throughout the year as part of the District Whole School Development model. These include support in Mathematics from Grade 8 – 12, Physical Sciences and Accounting in Grade 10 – 12. KST continues to contribute to costs associated with the hosting of the matric learners’ school camps in the Fezile Dabi and Motheo District. Mohorosi received Mathematics and Physical Sciences Spring School support, 10 days in total for each subject. Parents, educators, School Governing Bodies and the principals played an integral part in ensuring the learners were fed and safe while studying at the school’s premises.

Mohorosi encourages leaners to work hard, study hard and never listen to anyone’s opinion about you. “The future is and always has been in your hands. If you put in work, you will always see the results you’re expecting because I believe nothings is ever easy or difficult; it all depends on how much work you put in your studies. Lastly never give up.”